Create The World You Dream...
With Every Choice You Make!

What's in a dream? It's about creating something from nothing... or perhaps, from an idea. The idea comes often from noticing something missing around you in your life, your relationships, your families, your communities. And once the idea holds, it starts to grow... and soon, it becomes...

... a dream!


Dreams of a Me
Find me in the Universe!

Emerging Dreams
Slowly coalescing ideas!

Dreams of Afthonia
Creating a relationship about love, abundance and openness!

Dreams of Relationships
Creating the perfect relationship!

Dreams of Community
Communities are made of people relating to each other!

Dreams of Healing and Exploration
What I am creating in my life!

Dreams of Sustainable Living
What I do for a living!


Dreams of a Me

What I Am - some of the names I have been given or gave myself...

Sensual Artist, Perspective Shifter, Circus Freak, Community Builder and Powerstrip, Storyteller, Greeter, Lover, Brother, Son, Decorator, Chocolatier, Carpenter, Event Promoter, Personal Assistant

Astrological Sign: Scorpio Sun, Virgo Rising, Taurus Moon

Mayan Sign: Magnetic White Wizard

What I'm Here For (12/04) - The Miracle of Life!

My Story - Or at least a little bit of it...

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My Bio - who I am when people ask me to give the a little bio:

Philippe Lewis is a Community Bridger, and Sensual Artist based in San Francisco. His training is in holistic radical counseling, coaching, and perspective shifting, rooted in a healthy mix of existentialism and buddhism. He is co-creator and co-organizer of the Mystic Temple of Bliss community events, and a performer and producer for the Mystic Family Circus. His lifelong commitment is to create safe space for people and communities to explore new possibilities in the areas of intimacy, relationships, sensuality and sexuality.

Philippe Lewis is a Chocolatier, Community Bridger and Sensual Artist based in San Francisco. He has been making chocolate truffles and other decadent desserts since 2002, and in 2004 he created his own business called Edible Love to serve the community not only with his creations, but with other services, classes and workshops focused on sensual foods and touch. He is also well known in the community for the various events and gatherings he create for people, relationships and communities to explore new possibilities in the areas of intimacy, relationships, sensuality and sexuality.

Philippe Lewis is a Relationship Coach, Community Bridger and Sensual Artist based in San Francisco. His training is in holistic radical counseling, coaching, and perspective shifting, rooted in a healthy mix of existentialism and buddhism. With his sweet love Paget, he hosts evenings around relationships at HeartWood, their home in Berkeley. His lifelong commitment is to create safe space for people and communities to explore new possibilities in the areas of intimacy, relationships, sensuality and sexuality. (11/6/2005)

My Email Signature - what's in my signature when I email someone:

Fuzzy :philippe -- Sensual Artist, Perspective Shifter, Circus Freak and Community Bridger -- Chocolate Truffles . Exquisite Desserts . Amazing Chill Spaces . Characters . Stilts . Lucid Dreaming . Life Coaching . Loving Touch . Snuggle Events . Firewalking . French
"Create the world you dream with every choice you make!" -- Stephen C. Paul

Fuzzy :philippe -- Sensual Artist, Perspective Shifter, Circus Freak and Community Bridger -- Chocolate Truffles . Exquisite Desserts . Amazing Chill Spaces . Characters . Stilts . Conscious Relationships . Snuggle Gatherings . Lucid Dreaming . Coaching . French - 415-505-0786 -
"Create the world you dream with every choice you make!" -- Stephen C. Paul
"Some men see things as they are, and say 'Why?' I dream things that never were, and say 'Why not?'" -- George Bernard Shaw
"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." --T. S. Eliot (11/6/2005)

My Contact Information - how to get a hold of me:

Cell phone - 415-505-0786
Email - fryday(at)
Address - Berkeley, CA

Quotes I Love - quotes are from me, my friends, or other incredible people on this planet!

"Create the world you dream with every choice you make!" ~ Stephen C. Paul

"May we all discover that truth is a pathless map and the goal no further than the depth of our own self in the now!" ~ Fuzzy :philippe

"The past is history, the future a mystery, the present is a gift, that's why it's called 'The Present'". ~ Michaelah Love Monkey Unicorn

"I hope that I may always desire more than I can accomplish." ~ Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564

"A happy marriage perhaps represents the ideal of human relationship -- a setting in which each partner, while acknowledging the need of the other, feels free to be what he or she by nature is: a relationship in which instinct as well as intellect can find expression; in which giving and taking are equal; in which each accepts the other, and I confronts Thou." ~ Anthony Storr

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." ~ Pablo Picasso

"at every moment we have a choice of whether to complain or rejoice, to be gripped by fear or to be grateful for our lives, to be sad or happy, to be in need or have abundance. it is our choice of how we perceive and interpret our reality and choose our priorities. we choose how to invest our attention and time and that is our life force and that choice creates our future." ~ ???

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." ~ Michelangelo

"As the way of the samurai teaches, to live as if we have not accomplished what we have come here to do is to live in cowardice. Recognizing the triumph of our life in simply having the courage to live it authentically is to overcome the fear that we have not done so." ~ Sean from the FreedomCommunity tribe

"Courage doesn't mean the absence of fear, but action in the face of it." ~ ???

"I will not play at tug o' war. I'd rather play at hug o' war, where everyone hugs instead of tugs, where everyone giggles and rolls on the rug, where everyone kisses, and everyone grins, and everyone cuddles, and everyone wins." ~ Shel Silverstein

"I am conscious of myself and become myself only while revealing myself for another, through another, and with the help of another. The most important acts constituting self-consciousness are determined by a relationship toward another consciousness (toward a "thou"). The very being of man (both external and internal) is the deepest communion. To be means to communicate. To be means to be for another, and through the other, for oneself. A person has no internal sovereign territory, he is wholly and always on the boundary: looking inside himself, he looks into the eyes of another or with the eyes of another. I cannot manage without another, I cannot become myself without another; I must find myself in another by finding another in myself (in mutual reflection and mutual acceptance)." ~ Bahktin

The Erotic is a measure between the beginnings of our sense of self and the chaos of our strongest feelings. It is an internal sense of satisfaction which once we have experienced it, we know we can aspire. Having experienced the fullness of this depth of feeling and recognizing it power, in honor and self respect we can require no less of ourselves……it is the personification of love in all its aspects…it is an assertion of the life-force…of creative energy empowered. The erotic functions for me in several ways, first of which is providing the power that comes from sharing deeply any pursuit with another person. The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them and lessens the threat of their difference. Our erotic knowledge empowers us, becomes a lens though, which we scrutinize all aspects of our existence, forcing us to evaluate those aspects honestly in term of their relative meaning within our lives. And this is a grave responsibility, projected from within each of us, not to settle for the convenient, the shoddy, the conventionally expected, nor the merely safe, of course women (people) so empowered are dangerous." ~ Excerpt from Audre Lourde's book Sister Outsider, essay Uses of the Erotic.

Believe nothing.
No matter where you read it,
Or who said it,
Even if I have said it,
Unless it agrees with your own reason
And your own common sense.
~ Buddha,

Books I love - books I read and can recommend you read too!

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and "Illusions: The Reluctant Messiah" by Richard Bach

"The Little Prince" by Antoine De St-Exupery

"Stranger in a Strange Land", "Will Fear No Evil" and "Job: A Comedy of Justice", "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Robert Heinlein

"Sitting in the Fire, Large Group Transformation Using Conflict and Diversity" by Arnold Mindell

"Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert M. Pirsig

"The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You" by Dorothy Bryant

Poems I love - poems I wrote or read, and offering to you... Click here.

Websites I love - check them out!

A beautiful story -

Some of my Teachers - some of the people in my life who are my teachers or who I admire for who they are and the difference they make in the world. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, just those people who come to mind...

My mom Rachel and my dad Claude

My friend Jason Wyrd

My best friend and sweet love Paget

My friends EO and Paradox

My friend Michaelah

My previous girlfriend Alexia

My friend Nadine

My friend Sherry Huggi-Ma

Some of my stories - fictional or biographical, all story!

The Enchanted Woods - created for the Mystic Temple of Bliss "A Midsummer Night's Dream" event

The Legend of the Sand Tribe - created for the opening event of Cirque du Soleil's "Ka". It was never used, but the story lives on.

The story of my last two years - from Spiral Dance 2002 to Witch Camp 2004

Some ways people perceive me - that is something I could never do alone

From Natasha, introducing me to the freedom community site:

"I would like to welcome Phillipe AKA"Fuzzy" Lewis (we share the same legal last name!) to the freedomcommunity tribe. I met Phillipe in 2000 at a gathering in Northern California and kept intermittent communication with him up until he accepted an invitation to the R & R event in Portland last March. Wow! what a beautiful soul. He is not afraid to speak his beliefs (even if they bend some "normal" traditions) and purpose and is a true dreamer. He has vast experience in community building and creating and i am curious to see what he will contribute to this community. I believe he has done much work with Landmark education, so can speak that language, but has also branched out to many other schools of philosophy and communication which makes a conversation with him unique to say the least. Phillipe has shown up as a doer an activist and his word to me on all accounts. I believe he has enormous intention, integrity and gifts to contribute. WELCOME SIR FUZZY!!!! PS. He makes yummy chocolate truffles to die for!!!!"



Emerging Dreams


Dreams a of Relationships with all things in the Universe class

A class to explore relationships with people, ideas, objects, past, present, future, dreams -- all the things that we can find in the universe!

Dreams of Hot Embers

My dream of creating a old style cabaret/theatre/lounge/bazaar.

Dreams of a Men's Singing Group

My dream of a group of men singing together in the beautiful deep voices than men have!

Dreams of Things "Evil" in the World

The idea that there are things in the world that truly destroy our lives, or at the very least, stagnate them to a point where we stop thinking for ourselves: Television (most except PBS a few others), Radio (except NPR and a few others), Magazines (the kind you find at corner stores or at Safeway)

Transformation becomes Revolution?

When does Transformation become Revolution? When the people who call for transformation begin to put their blood, sweat, tears, energy, $$, all they got behind their words!

New Games we Play?

If we ever become, as a human race, society, community, family or individual, skilled at perspective shifting, what then will be the games we will play willingly and consciously in our life?

Dreams of Fluid Communities

The idea that, like fluid relationships, a fluid community where all individuals within it can meet the community and be met by it, where leadership, role modeling, teaching, etc is a role taken not by popularity vote, but by the simple act of being willing to be that role and put the energy, love, commitment, dedication that is needed for the community to grow to that role. Or something like that. . .



Dreams of Afthonia,
reams of Abundance

Afthonia Creations, an avenue of expression for our little baby (5/3/2005)

Click here to see what it's all about!

Afthonia, the relationship with my sweet love Paget (3/16/2005)

I would like you to meet our relationship, Afthonia. she's still a young one -- born in August '04 -- and so full of life and ambitions! Afthonia is greek for abundance, so of course, she's all about that. And love. And openness. So much so that she wants to share it with everyone -- and Paget and I are totally in support of that. I have a special love for the exploration of all things relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality, and Paget has her own interests, so Afthonia gets nudged in those directions. And she just *loves* to play with everyone (I encourage her), especially if they are yummy, although Paget keeps her from going too crazy!

Dreams to create with my sweet love!

Share many beautiful tidbits at Communion

A witnessing circle!

A clasa about couples/friends/lovers/partners/father/sons/daughters/mothers coming together to create a collage about abundance!

A love tunnel

A language of touch class

A class about naming the relationship

Creating a co-ed group to allow men and women to reflect back to each other through their relationships -- couples, friends, family, lovers, etc (3/3/05)

Be the relationship mentoring and kissing booth at Burning Flipside! (2/27/05)

Creating a business cards for our small snuggle events! (2/26/05)

Travel to Bali and help with the Tsunami relief effort! Habitat for Humanity or Volunteers for Peace or others. . . (~2/05)

Creating a Sacred Snuggle party, LoveTribe style! (~2/05)

Our relationship mentoring and being mentored by other relationships! (2/05)

Coaching, yummying up, connecting with others as a relationship, a community of two! (~12/04)

An art installation (perhaps at Burning Man?) about relationships, inspired by the NY art installation by Christo! (~12/04)

Spending silence with each other (~12/04)

Snuggle events, perhaps with silence (no words or gestures) (~12/04)

Inner Child Night of Play event -- a place for your inner child to come out and play while your inner adult watches and relaxes! (~12/04)

Creating a screenplay about the Black Ball dream I had 2 years ago! (~12/04)

Throwing a murder mystery dinner party or a several course dinner party with conversational topics relating to each dish. (~12/04)

Creating a relationship game to teach about fluid relationships, or as an exploration of relationships, possibilities, hypothetical situations, experimentation, ideas, past experiences, fantasies, etc. (~12/04)




Dreams of Relationships

My Golden Rule of Relationships

There is nothing more important in life than the what we share with those we love and care about, including ourselves.

My Dream Relationship

To have an extraordinary open fluid relationship, to be free to live my life however I choose and be supported in making my life extraordinary and brilliant, with no limits to what I can do, and especially, to create the same for my partner. To be met in the beautiful dance that is a lifetime of partnership, to be stand for what is in ourselves and in each other, as well as what we are being in the ever present NOW. (the words were inspired by my friend Jenni, and the intentions by all the amazing people in my life!)

The Dance of Relationships

This is a dance analogy to the concept called "relationship". People in relationship learn to understand each other, work together, live together very much like partners learn to dance various dancing styles together! In that process, they step on each other's toes, learn new steps, and go through a whole process, which can be used to understand relationships!

Fluid Relationships

The type of dance of relationship I most prefer. I made it up and live by it, and I've never been happier! Fluid Relationships are about having relationships that ebb and flow much like ballroom dancing. Sometimes you're dancing tango, sometimes you're dancing the waltz. Sometimes you're dancing with the same partner for 5 songs, sometimes for one or less. In any case, it all works since there is always the next song to dance to and always another partner to dance with. And yet, each dance partner is precious and beautiful in their own way, for in sharing this dance with you, while being present with you step after step, they offer you the most amazing gift of all: the gift of sharing a bit of their life with you. Fluid Relationships is for all those who want an abundance of love, openness, juiciness, sex, intimacy (not the usual kind!), passionate living and friendship. It is for all who value presence and sharing in their relationship, for from these two a true deep intimate connection can be created, and from that, anything is possible! Click here for more info on Fluid Relationships! Or go check my Fluid Relationship tribe on Tribe.Net!

For all those who want to explore fluid relationships, I've found that a few skills are really beneficial

Great communication skills - an ability to have people in your life understand what is going on for you.

Great listening skills - an ability to listen for what is going on for people without taking on their feelings or taking responsibility for their trip.

Vulnerability - an ability to be open and safe with the people you want to have fluid relationships with. Also being able to give voice to mixed emotions.

Owning your own feelings and triggers - an ability to manage your own trips!

A desire for adventure - the newness, freshness, richness and diversity that comes with getting involved with other people, and bringing that to your other relationships -- or perhaps a primary relationship where you have a deeper/longer commitment.

A willingness to explore your triggers, blocks, filters, any area that feels difficult for you, and an ability to do it in partnership with those you are in relationship with

Being ok with those you are in relationship with to have relationships with other people and being able to share back and forth about those relationships.

The Dance of Seduction

This is a dancing style that calls for inventiveness, playfulness, and some guts and a taste for risk. First, it involves making a completely open and free invitation to dance. The response of the other person indicates both their interest and how good your timing is, as well as how great the invitation sounds, so it can take quite a bit of practice to make great invitations to dance. Once the dance has started, the idea of always taking the dance further and further, always performing trickier and trickier steps, in effect trying to go beyond the last step with something even more daring. Again, this is all done through invitations to take things one "step" further, and gracefully listening for the answer: One partner makes a step, with great awareness of what their partner might consider enjoyable and exciting, slightly (but safely) pushing edges and boundaries, always paying attention to response. If the second partner follows the step willingly -- or event better, eagerly -- the dance continues. The second partner can then do a step of their own, followed by a step by the first partner, and so on. The seduction occurs not in the classical way -- that is, trying to manipulate the other to do what we want -- for instance, jump in their pants -- but in a way that is truly exciting and enjoyable for both partners. In fact, the goal of each partner is to make each step as juicy, fun and fulfilling as possible, enticing the other partner to follow suit with something else. When dancing the dance of seduction, it's important to be really sensitive to the response of your partner -- in body language, in touch, in words, and in intentions. If you notice that your partner is not following you in the dance, perhaps something came up for them or the step you proposed did not seem like such a good idea. In all cases, those who are skilled at the dance of seduction should be able to easily step aside and have a conscious and yet light conversation about what is happening, such that the dance continues to be enjoyable even when things get tricky. If you find yourself dancing with someone who is apparently unaware that the dance is taking place, it's also recommended that you make it clear that this is a dance, and that the most important thing is for both partners to enjoy the dance completely and consciously.

Perspective Shifting

A prerequisite for great living, in my opinion. It's the ability to take the perspective or reality tunnel that works best or most fluidly with the situation. In other words, any given situation calls for a number of perspectives that will be most effective in dealing/dancing/working with it -- much like any music will calls for a number of dancing styles that will look best when performed to it! This is the primary method of Life Coaching I use. Go check my Perspective Shifting tribe on Tribe.Net!

Timelessness, Time Stretching

Feeling stressed, short of breath, short on time?

What I've found for myself is that the loss of breath is connected to a feeling (for me) of being out of integrity with myself and the universe around me. Time stretching is not so much about time itself and more about the perception of it. Much like a great martial artist will almost see you punching him in slow motion, you won't be in slow motion at all. Same for time stretching: you perceive time in a way that is related to your integrity and you're ability to stay in it while dancing with all those commitments. Since it's so hard for people to say no, they often fall into the trap of taking on too many commitments and thus get out of integrity, and as a result blame time (or lack there of). Just like you would "hey, that martial artist is just waaaay too fast for me". Sure, speed is a factor, but mainly it's mostly about knowing your battles and how to fight them (figuratively speaking) on your own terms, that is, with integrity. With full responsibility and integrity around the time, then the feeling of everything happening too fast while I seem to be dragging my feet completely disappear. And when I do that, it seems like time starts to stretch, people are calling me when I need them to, and everything falls in place.

Of course, it takes practice, and that's how it works for me. That's my secret of timelessness. :)

A Way to Relate to the Divine

The Lord's Prayer in the Ancient Aramaic language. A translation directly from the Aramaic into English (rather than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English).

Translated by Mark Hathaway, featured in The Cygnus Review, 2003 Issue 3, Chat Page


O cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration!

Soften the ground of our being
and carve out a space within us
where your Presence can abide.

Fill us with your creativity
so that we may be empowered
to bear the fruit of our mission.

Let each of our actions bear fruit
in accordance with our desire.

Endow us with the wisdom
to produce and share what each being needs
to grow and flourish.

Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us,
as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes.

Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us
from our true purpose but illuminate the opportunities
of the present moment.

For you are the ground and the fruitful vision,
the birth power and the fulfillment,
as all is gathered and made whole once again.

Our relationship to life and all that fills it! (2/27/05tb) - Two articles that, together, show the fine line between a healthy and unhealthy full life:

Life as an Emergency

The Art of Getting in Trouble


Dreams of Community

Sacred Confidentiality (2/27/05tb) - writing about a new communally empowered confidentiality model

White Women vs Black Women (2/27/05) - how women oppress women through racism and the response of one black woman in 1951. It still applies today.

What I call forth from communities around me - or perhaps the community I'm looking for!

Reflection. There is one thing that we cannot do by ourselves is reflect. . . to ourselves. A kick-ass community does that for you: they reflect you back to you, so that you know the impact you're having on the people around you.

Power. There is power in a community which supports its members by empowering them. Power is something that creates more power, and as each member is empowered, the community gains in the power of the impact it makes on the world

Diversity. A strong community is composed of people who are able to have radically different views while keep a sense of harmony. Those different view allow us to never *ever* get set in our ways and always keep shifting, moving, growing, changing.

Perspective Shifting. Perspective shifting, the ability to shift to a new point of view at will. The ability to see things the way someone else does, and agree with them from that point of view, and disagree with ourselves from there too.

Evolution. What is the next stage in the evolution of the conscious aware grounded diverse powerful community? That's for all of us to find out. And for that to happen, it helps to be able to be in the inquiry without specific answers, or find answers that lead to other questions, and keep going.

World Work - Toward creating a sustainable ecology of communities!

(Something I wrote on in July 2004, upon my return from my first Witch Camp)

Look at your communities, and notice patterns of similar offerings, events, sharings, ideas, skills, desires.

Notice how your community is ripe with the things it is amazing at and the people who represent these strengths: performers, healers, life coaches, cooks, storytellers, etc.

Notice when this ripeness starts to stall, stale, and lose momentum.

Notice your other communities, notice how they desire strengths that other communities have.

Notice how you are at the intersection of those communities and how you have the unique perspective of being able to see both as beautiful, powerful and complete, and yet they still could use support from each other.

Notice how you could become an ambassador for each community and bring them closer to other communities.

Notice the work involved. This is World Work: creating an ecology of communities so that each can live in harmony with each other -- not simply alone and unbothered, but in deep interaction with one another.

Food for thoughts...

World Community - Towards a peaceful world conscious community!

(something inspiring written by my friend Joel on Nov 2004 while I was in Canada)

Subject: ACTIVISM: I'm over it

Hello my fond friends.

Really, I'm not involved with political activism of any kind. I'm more interested in promoting growth then fighting the rogue agendas of imperialists. My view is that this empire game has to play itself out before any kind of human harmony can be achieved. I recognize there is great suffering in the world, but I do not place the blame upon any cross section of the worlds populace.

The Us/Them mentality is hard for me to stomach from either side of the "fence". I do not see political agendas, grassroots or other wise as being aimed at creating harmonious coexistence. It doesn't seem appropriate to impose a progressive agenda on a fundamentalist any more then it's appropriate to impose a fundamentalist agenda on a progressive.

America was founded upon oppression and false pretenses. The political system does not support or recognize a lifestyle that embraces the spirit of the earth as a unified whole. I will not participate or give energy into this fractured view of humanity which has been imposed upon me since birth. If the men with guns come, I will run. If there is nowhere to run, I will die. I will not compromise my integrity by paying allegiance to or placing faith in a false god (i.e. politics). I would rather lay my body down and return to spirit.

The "with us" or "against Bush" psychology has been very draining for me and I am done with it. I am not abdicating my responsibility. On the contrary, I am standing for what I truly believe in, the living earth, personal responsibility, autonomy, community, magic, and service to the great spirit. I will not cater to fearful visions of impending apocalypse. If humans are done, fine, I am not so attached to this form that I am blinded to the possibilities of the infinite. If we are to evolve into something rich, beautiful and strange, I'd like to do it together.

I feel the best thing I can do to stem the tide of destruction is to wean myself of this dysfunctional social premise and the devices that support it.

This is my path, and I do not mean to discourage you from yours, whatever it may be. I simply felt that my perspective has been underrepresented and the time has come to begin speaking to it.

I love you,
---Joel (ungtartog(at)

Toward a Community Without Rank - how I believe we can achieve a somewhat rank-less community

About rank, I'd tend to say this: rank is only possible to take out of the equation of community when everyone is able to see when it shows up. This take a huge amount of practice and commitment from everyone. And rank is not a bad thing either: it can be used by those who have it to re-establish a greater balance within the community by using the credibility that comes along with it to point out those people who have lower rank for no other reason often than because they have no idea how to plug in or communicate their thoughts effectively -- something that also takes skills and practice. So it's in those having rank taking responsibility for this advantage and using it to promote balance that they become role-models in their communities in such a way as to lose this status as soon as the community has caught up with them. Yes, it's a self-image-destructive behavior, so to speak, as it means that no matter who shows up as a role model, they will lose that advantage as everyone learns to be like him/her, and then someone else takes the role, and the process starts again. In fact the process can be constant and happen for many people at any moment.

And through this process, we create a community that has a constant flux of leaders, role-models, gurus, etc, but those never last as other show up to positively take over such that the former go back to the drawing board.

My recipe for Perfect Manifestation - getting what you want, through a deep connectedness with your communities

1. Figure out what you want - don't worry if you don't really know in details, that can always come later
2. Tell EVERYONE - when someone asks "What's up?" don't just say "Not much". TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT, your friends, your family, your colleagues, EVERYONE. The more people you know the better!
3. Listen for the echoes, the feedback - you'll find people who can relate ("Oh yeah, I want the same thing!" or "I've been there and..."), people who want to be in support ("I can help...") or people who don't really care, BUT, they might know someone who can relate or be in support.
4. You get what you want - YES, it's THAT EASY. Proven and proven again!

My recipe for Perfect Communication - you get what they meant and they get what you meant

1. Talk, have a conversation
2. Discover how your words impact the other person
3. Share how the other person's words impact you (and also take responsibility for that impact)
4. Consciously communicate knowing that a conversation is a dance
5. Seek to inspire rather than convince

6 . Have fun!

High Dreams of Peace have their Risk too! - From Arnold Mindell's "Sitting in the Fire, Large Group Transformation using Conflict and Diversity"

"Holding unconsciously to our high dreams about life may even provoke nature to bring us trouble. Praying only for peace may not work if we do not pray for consciousness of rank, if we want only to pursue that old sense of peace while supporting the old injustices suffered by those at the periphery of power positions. If we are not careful about perpetuating high dreams that look up to peace and down on angry people, nothing has changed."

Community Conversation Websites - Websites that are all about community and how to create conversation groups!

The World Cafe -

Conversation Cafe -

Mystic Family Circus - what is MFC? A company, an agency, a community, a business, a children's education program for freaks, performers, artists and anyone who enjoys art, activism, sustainability, love and sooooo much more!

Email the MFC here if you would like to get involved in the community!
Send an email here if you are a member of our audience and would like get on our events email list to know when we're doing a event!

- what is MToB? A community involved in the exploration of relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality.

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What are we about? Spoken at MToB "Ananda" - What are we about? This is our dream... come true! So many of you have been to our event, some for the first time this last weekend, some for the second time, or perhaps you've been here for all our events in the past year -- and there are those who have never been to a MToB but have heard of it -- many of you have asked us what this event is about, what we're up to. Why are we creating this event that is different than all the other events out there, from dance parties to other sensual gatherings? MToB was born a year ago from our collective desire to create a safe and sacred container for all in the community -- peace warriors, gypsies,fairies, healers, artists, and the counter-culture -- who seek to create, discover, explore -- and yes, enjoy! -- intimacy, sensuality and sexuality -- at any level, from the light seeker to those who want to dive deep --, and choose to break the cycles of misuse and abuse of sexual energy and power so unconsciously expressed in society. And there are those who seek to heal from the wounds inflicted by society, as well as those want to be in support. Such an exploration in community with those around you in support is what we bring you.

Now, this is quite a tall order, we know, aaaaand such a short night. So more importantly, we seek to create a spark in you, the spark of something new, something beautiful. A spark to create a new story between your upper and lower chackras, between your spirit and your body, between you and those you love who have the same spark or seek it. A spark of new possibilities for relationships, intimacy, love, sensuality and sexuality.

And for those who are already on fire, your mission -- if you choose to accept it -- is to spread those sparks through the community, and create light wherever you go! This is a story we create together, as organizers, as helpers, as contributors, as participants. Thank you for from the bottom of our heart for making this possible.

Burning Man - what is Burning Man? A community of amazing creative conscious individuals, groups, families, meeting each year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada!

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The Reclaiming Community - a community of women and men working to unite spirit and politics. Their vision is rooted in the religion and magic of the Goddess -- the Immanent Life Force. They see their work as teaching and making magic -- the art of empowering themselves and each other. In their classes, workshops, and public rituals, they train their bodies, energy, intuition and minds. They use their skills they learn to deepen their strength, both as individuals and community, to voice their concerns about the world in which they live, and to bring to birth a vision of a new culture. This community hosts classes, rituals and the California Witch Camp, amongst others!

The story of how I met the Reclaiming Community!

Freedom Community - a community of outstanding kick-ass people from all over the country (FC) or California and Oregon (R&R)

My message to the community upon my return from the first Regeneration and Rendez-vous gathering in March 2004.

The Fuzzy Fairies

My dream of a community called "Fuzzy Fairies", dressed in fur/fake fur, playful and naughty, committed to love, healing and abundance all communicated with the language of touch, sounds and body language.

It is a dream I had about a whole community of beings alive and powerful through the abundance of love, sweetness, sensuality, sex, exploration, wonderment, brilliance, and all the things one could consider yummy and juicy! In other words, my lost tribe. And the snuggle events I'm putting together are about creating just that!


Dreams of Healing and Exploration

BSP: NOTHING is the NEXT BEST THING (2/27/05) - a satire on the Life Coaching Workshop

My Path

Being a clearing for the safe exploration of Relationships, Intimacy, Sensuality and Sexuality

The Language of Touch

(copied from the Language of Touch workshop description below)

Remember the last time you touched someone who needed healing, and your hands seemingly "knew" where to go and what to do? Or perhaps it was that hug you gave to someone you were attracted to, and instead of completely releasing, your hands remained connected while you talked and stared into each other's eyes. And in those moments you felt -- perhaps fleetingly -- that your voice wasn't the only part of you in conversation with this other person. That your heart and soul were communicating as well, through contact...This is what we call the language of touch.

The language of touch is quite different than body language -- or perhaps it is a subset of it. What most people mean by body language is postures and other visual signs that the body gives to other beings. The language of touch, on the other hand, happens only in the realm of touch and contact with others. It is the subtle conversation that the body has with the world around it. What "words" does your body understand and communicate? Are you *aware* of what is being communicated when your body is in contact with its surroundings, and especially living beings? What would it mean to be more conscious and skilled in speaking this language?

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The Language of Touch Workshop - a workshops to learn about Touch as a Language:

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What is "The Language of Touch"?

Remember the last time you touched someone who needed healing, and your hands seemingly "knew" where to go and what to do? Or perhaps it was that hug you gave to someone you were attracted to, and instead of completely releasing, your hands remained connected while you talked and stared into each other's eyes. And in those moments you felt -- perhaps fleetingly -- that your voice wasn't the only part of you in conversation with this other person. That your heart and soul were communicating as well, through contact...This is what we call the language of touch.

The language of touch is quite different than body language -- or perhaps it is a subset of it. What most people mean by body language is postures and other visual signs that the body gives to other beings. The language of touch, on the other hand, happens only in the realm of touch and contact with others. It is the subtle conversation that the body has with the world around it. What "words" does your body understand and communicate? Are you *aware* of what is being communicated when your body is in contact with its surroundings, and especially living beings? What would it mean to be more conscious and skilled in speaking this language?

This is what "The Language of Touch" is about.

This class will focus on touch as a language that can be learned and understood. In a society that focuses so much on verbal language, people are often confused by or even sometimes completely unaware of the subtle conversation that their bodies are constantly having with the environment around them -- and more specifically, with the people they connect with on the rare occasions that touch occurs.

This class will first focus on our awareness of touch, and then move to exploring the subtle messages carried through touch between people, and eventually move to creating specific intentions and messages with touch. Finally we will have conversations on topics such as relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality, as touch is deeply involved in each of those areas, either as a communication tool or a source of fulfillment.

Who should come:

This is a class for anyone open to exploring touch as way to communicate with other. Please come prepared to experience giving and receiving safe loving touch. This is not a sensuality or sexuality class, though those topics will definitely be discussed. If you are a couple, you will be allowed to do all the exercises together if you wish and feel safer that way!

Instructor Bios:

Philippe Lewis is a Life Coach and Sensual Artist based in San Francisco. His training is in holistic radical counseling and coaching, rooted in a healthy mix of existentialism and buddhism. He is co-creator, co-organizer,decorator and greeter of the Mystic Temple of Bliss community event, and a performer and producer for the Mystic Family Circus. His lifelong commitment is to create safe space for people and communities to explore new possibilities in the areas of intimacy, relationships, sensuality and sexuality. More specifically, his commitment for The Language of Touch is that each participant have the opportunity to safely explore and learn touch as a language to carry back to their lives and their communities, and create healing and a greater sense of freedom and connectedness in the world.

Kala Wright, C.M.T is a creative healer based in San Francisco. She weaves her training in bodywork, massage, energy medicine, Qi Gong, Tantra, and deep presence-ing to create conscious, transformative experiences in body, mind, and soul upliftment. Passionate about revolution and positive change, she is committed to seeing The Language of Touch added as a tool for our communities to awaken, connect deeply, transform their conversations, and create alliances that go beyond words. Kala lives and works in San Francisco as a massage therapist, aesthetic consultant, jewelry designer, and Priestess of the Senses.

"Touch is so simple but the mind does not believe it can be. It is miraculous in its simplicity and effect. It helps us to connect in a profound and intimate way with others and ourselves. The development of awareness and sensitivity of the body is a prerequisite for the expansion of Love and Ecstasy in our lives." - Anand Geho

"Always remember God has no lips of his own, he kisses you through someone else's lips. He has no hands of his own, he embraces you through somebody else's hands. He has no eyes of his own, for all eyes are his." - Osho

Questions? Call us or email us at:

Philippe Lewis
415-505-0786 (cell)

Kala Wright
415-846-5257 (cell)

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Loving Touch

Something each of us can give, intentionally, as individuals, as couples and as communities to those who need or want it. Wondering what that's like? Imagine having a baby in your arms, what sort of touch would you give them? That is Loving Touch. Of course there can also be some caring and nurturing touch there too, and that's perfectly ok too!

What is MToB? An event that focuses on heart-connected exploration of sacred sensuality and sexuality!

 Mystic Temple of Play

What is MToP? An event that focuses on conscious playfulness and naughtiness!

 Mystic Temple of Snuggles or Snuggle Events

What is MToS? An event that focuses on relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. The event is really about creating a small intimate realm for everyone to safely explore what the groups calls for the most in those areas.

Lucid Dreaming

Imagine the perfect playground for anything you're ever wanted to do -- from going anywhere in the world, to having sex with anyone/anything you want, to flying, to exploring other planets. Anything. That is what Lucid Dreaming can bring in your life. It takes quite a bit of practice, but the rewards are incredible. And if nothing else, you will be able to remember your dreams that much more vividly and thus enjoy them immensely more!

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Lucid Dreaming Weekly Group

A weekly lucid dreaming group, to learn how to lucid dream and to share experiences! The group will start meeting in January 2005.

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Dreams of Sustainable Living

What I love to get in trade!

Massage/loving touch, music/singing classes, food/desserts, people playing music or singing for me, things that people created of their own hands

Edible Love / Un Amour a Croquer - (website coming up)

My beautifully juicy decadent chocolate truffle and exquisite desserts business. When the universe calls, I make a large batch of truffles and tell everyone in my communities about it! First come, first served! And with a couple of days advance notice I can also make a special order of 20 or more truffles or any dessert with any special ingredients you want (I can make suggestions too!). Special orders can be for any event, wedding, party, special occasion, and for large orders, I can even come in costume to serve the truffles/desserts.

Also in the works (or already happening) are truffle classes, dessert classes, as well as private tutoring tailored especially for you and your favorite dessert!

And finally, there's the Sensual Feast, created for you and your friends, a night of sensual delights with beautiful decor, music, food, massage and much much more!

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Fuzzy's Fabulous Fluff - (website coming up)

My amazing chill space and event decoration business. Perfect for parties, weddings, gatherings, festivals, ceremonies, rituals, etc. I work together with my great friend Laina ColorGirl (click here to email her) to create the decor/setting that is perfect for your event.

Email us here if you have any questions or comments (if you've seen our work) about our Fabulous Fluff!
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Life and Relationship Coaching

My approach is perspective shifting with a focus on the relationship we have with everything around us, from people, to ideas, to dreams, to career, to communities, etc.

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Fuzzy Characters

As a member of the Mystic Family Circus, I have been involved in production, communications, logistics and choreography, as well as performance as a stilter and wandering character for the last 5 years. I can take responsibility of any area at any stage of the production of your event, or much more simply, become a character at one of your events to ensure that the participants have an amazing time!

Email me here if you would like to get more information about how I could help you with your event production.
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Stilts for Sale and Stilting Classes

For those who would like to have stilts or learn how to walk on stilts, I have small beginner's stilts for sale and as an experienced stilter, I will teach you all you need to know to walk on them safely! Check here for more details!

Email me here if you would like to learn how to walk on stilts or would like to purchase some stilts from me!


Learn to walk on hot coals, walk on broken glass, break arrows on your neck, break bricks and board with your hand, bend rebar on your neck and push needles through your hand! All these physical feats have only one goal: to give you a deeper awareness of limitations you create for yourself at some point in your life. Perhaps it was after a painful event, perhaps it was to protect yourself from something. One way or another, you made a decision that altered the course of your life. This decision made you smaller, weaker, less powerful in some way. We'll work together to uncover where or how this happened, or simply you will be lead through the challenges, and while they will occur to you as unsafe, they actually will be completely physically safe.

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